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Sprout Brown Rice Enzyme Cake Pre-Mix

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[Prun Life Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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The flavor germination unpolished rice enzyme cake mix of the fermentation enzyme of taste plain deliciously Nature's gift [enzyme cake] It was created through "the fermentation action of the enzyme". I contain useful raw materials to a body and can supplement an enzyme and nourishment. I do not use # bleaching wheat flour at all.

Let's follow the health of the family in germination unpolished rice enzyme Bakery/cake mixture and home bakery

The enzyme is the key to health!
When must you take in the food which an enzyme contained why?
"Do you know? The reason is because it helps with enzyme activity in the human body.

A characteristic of enzyme cake mixture

  • No transformer fat "no white wheat flour, the enzyme Bakery of no preservative"
  • I can easily make it using bread device specially at home.
  • With the enzyme which is easy to be short to patients such as allergy, the atopy. I help it for an amino acid, protein, nutrition.

To an enzyme cake mix, a germination unpolished rice enzyme (germination unpolished rice, germination- wheat, a germination black soybean, an unpolished rice embryo) is a chief ingredient.